10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Sept 15)

Why Sasha Banks could feature in this column every week...

Sheamus Cesaro Dean Ambrose

He's riding high with Sheamus as one of WWE's best tag-teams now, but there was a point when the creative team didn't know what to do with Cesaro. Back before he was pushed into his current team (ironically also because the writers had nothing else for him), Cesaro even had a first name and was cast as some kind of yodelling enthusiast come rugby player.

No, that's not a joke, although thankfully WWE didn't combine both gimmicks. As Antonio Cesaro, the heel debuted on the main roster in 2012 with a character that was supposed to make him look tougher than anyone else in WWE. Find out who came up with the failed idea in this week's article, along with a host of other wrestling facts.

Joining the story about Cesaro's odd choice of gimmick, find out how Jim Duggan's love of chanting 'USA' cost him a Hogan-level push and hear how Roddy Piper almost died whilst filming segments to promote WCW's SuperBrawl VII...

10. Sasha Banks Doesn't Know What She's Doing Week-To-Week

sasha banks

As wrestling fans, we'd like to imagine that WWE plan things out well in advance. That's particularly important when it comes to major title changes or top feuds, but according to Sasha Banks things aren't quite so well thought out. On the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Sasha admitted that she doesn't know WWE plans week-to-week.

Upon arriving at the building, Banks claims she is often handed a piece of paper within an hour of going live and rarely knows what plans are before getting to Raw. Things weren't always this way in her career, because NXT was (perhaps shockingly) more organised. On the main roster, it doesn't quite work that way, and there's not a lot of time to prepare.

It'll be interesting to see if Sasha gets heat for these comments with management. They don't exactly tow the party line that WWE is this super-organised all seeing eye that knows exactly where it's going. The fact Banks, a huge female star, doesn't know what she's doing next week is incredible.


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