10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Sept 22)

Find out which milestone Jinder Mahal just passed as WWE Champ...

Jinder Mahal Ric Flair

The entire wrestling world is still mourning the death of a legend. When Bobby Heenan passed on Sunday, a pang of sadness could be felt by anyone who lived through his work as a manager or witty banter as a colour commentator. One of the absolute best ever, Heenan touched a lot of people's hearts.

Everyone from Triple H and Vince McMahon to Jerry Lawler and Chris Jericho offered condolences to Bobby's family and shared some memories of working with him via social media. Jericho was particularly full of praise, and said during a radio interview this week that he believes Heenan is one of the best ever. Y2J also shared thoughts on their time together in WCW.

Find out what else Jericho had to say in this week's article. Other wrestling facts included involve Ric Flair, Jinder Mahal and Fandango. There's even one of those abandoned storyline tales from ex-WWE writer Court Bauer. You won't believe what the creative team had in mind for the McMahon family following that limo explosion in 2007...

10. Ryback Felt He Needed To Win At Hell In A Cell 2012

CM Punk Ryback

According to Ryback, he needed to win the WWE Title at Hell In A Cell 2012. Those who enjoyed CM Punk's lengthy reign with the belt will disagree, but the 'Big Guy' has a point; Ryback was only put into that slot because John Cena went down with injury, and he wasn't happy upon learning his push would be sacrificed.

On his Conversations With The Big Guy podcast, Ryback claimed Punk spoke to Vince McMahon several times and ensured he'd be coming out on the winning end. From Punk's perspective, it wouldn't have made sense to lose to a replacement for Cena. That's fair, but Ryback didn't quite see things that way at the time.

Uncomfortable pushing his own agenda (due to being a newcomer in the main event scene), Ryback just let the situation play out on the day of the pay-per-view. It was mere hours before the show started that officials told him he'd be losing. So much for that push.


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