10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Sept 8, 2017)

Karl Anderson told Finn Balor he was about to make huge mistake in WWE.

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Re-watch Seth Rollins betraying his Shield buddies in 2014 for a lesson in how to treat someone like a top heel. When Rollins smashed Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose from behind with a steel chair, the live crowd rained boos down on him, even more so when Seth embraced Triple H and joined The Authority.

As he stood in the ring, Rollins was having mixed feelings about the heel turn. Seth, Roman and Dean had been expecting something else to happen with The Shield before that split was thrust upon them. Find out what stunning news Rollins told the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast in this week's article, along with a load of facts and stories about others.

Finn Bálor, The Usos, Marty Scurll and Chris Jericho are amongst the other names featured. There's also a surprising show of kindness from Shawn Michaels towards the 'Fake' Razor Ramon that nobody would expect from someone who was good friends with Scott Hall...

10. Dolph Ziggler's 'Miss. Elizabeth' Was Eugene's Wife

Dolph Ziggler

At this point, maybe Dolph Ziggler would be better off leaving WWE for a while to pursue a career in acting or stand up comedy. On SmackDown, the 'Show Off' is doing precious little, and the promotion's grand plans for him appear to be dressing up as Randy Savage in some bid to mock the fans. What happened to this man?

Dolph's 'Macho Man' act saw him drag a beautiful woman out to be his 'Miss. Elizabeth. If you're wondering who this gorgeous lady we'd never seen in WWE before was, then prepare for a shock. She's Stephanie Dinsmore, the wife of ex-WWE star Nick Dinsmore, aka Eugene.

What a cameo from the 2014 'Mrs. South Dakota' beauty competition winner.


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