10 Wrestling Gimmick Matches That Only Happened Once

One time's a charm.


Without any effort at all, you can probably reel off about 15 to 20 gimmick matches that have, over the years, become veritable staples of professional wrestling.

Whether WWE's planned 50-man Royal Rumble - which is scheduled to take place (probably untelevised) next month in Saudi Arabia - joins this ever-growing list remains to be seen. There are few clues at present as to whether the company plans on making it a permanent part of its calendar.

Given just how many match-types have fallen by the wayside, however, we probably shouldn't get our hopes up. Wrestling's creative geniuses can always - and you suspect, will always - be relied upon to come up with harebrained ideas which sound great on paper, but whose flaws are immediately made clear the second they are put into practice.

Inexplicably, the Punjabi Prison Match is not among them. In fact, WWE saw fit to dust the cobwebs off The Great Khali's playhouse as recently as last year when Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton met at Battleground for the world title. Proof, if it were needed, that someone backstage is trolling us.