10 Wrestling Gimmicks That Weren’t Supposed To Last Long

...Are You Still Here?


Bray Wyatt's doing alright for himself at the moment.

The 'Eater Of Worlds' has found a comfort zone in the bosom of Matt Hardy's Broken/Woken Universe, scoring Tag Title gold with the legendary North Carolinian just months after disappearing into his 'Lake Of Reincarnation' after losing their passable 'Final Deletion' tribute on Monday Night Raw.

'Ultimate Deletion' didn't quite deliver as promised in ridding the company of the knackered character, but it did give it a hard reset at least. Inoffensive as a doubles performer (even if trapped in a laughable rivalry with fellow losers Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas), the stench of Wyatt's unanimously awful creative can't hurt those around him anymore than WWE's own woeful mismanagement. Unlike the main event (where certain fans, mystifyingly, still believed he should have been), the division can absorb the damage of his dumb drawl.

To this end, he may somehow last yet another year in the gimmick. This time last year, he was entrenched in a feud with Finn Bálor that nearly killed the aura of 'The Demon' and 'The Man'. Before that he locked Randy Orton in a literal 'House Of Horrors' that stretched the believability of both to breaking point. Years earlier he was ruining pay-per-views with John Cena. Or Dean Ambrose. Or Roman Reigns. Pick your favourite performer, and Bray probably poisoned them.

And yet he quietly survives, extinguishing lanterns long after the light guiding his path to superstardom went out.

He's not the only one to stick at it...

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