10 Wrestling Heels Who Generated The Most Heat

10. Shawn Michaels

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Complicit in but not the orchestrator of the Montreal Screwjob, Shawn Michaels was such a heat magnet in late 1997 that he started a riot in Little Rock, Arkansa.

This was some achievement: for all their vocal protests and festering resentment of the product, the WWF/WWE fandom was and is more placid than most, far better-behaved than those in Puerto Rico or even the southern United States territories. Michaels refused to appear by Triple H's side for his main event match against Dude Love, effectively calling it an early night over the microphone. An ultra-rare WWF riot ensued, one that spoke to Michaels' status as persona non grata.

In Little Rock, Michaels the man drew the ultimate heel reaction.

When Michaels the performer returned to the scene of the Screwjob in 2005, he drew the next best thing: one of the most hate-fuelled, boisterous reactions ever heard in a WWE arena.

Michaels was always going to receive a toxic reaction - but the genius of this performance is in his amplification of that reaction. He was so oily that you couldn't believe he turned face in real life. This felt like the mask slipping, it was so authentic, and when Michaels acted completely nonplussed at the blaring squall of Bret Hart's entrance theme, the pop grew to legendary proportions.

And then, after it became apparent that Michaels had only popped himself, the jeers rained down on HBK and his guile like a sonic boom.

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