10 Wrestling Moments That Changed Everything

People thought Vinnie Mac was mad for risking everything on WrestleMania...

Steve Austin Vince McMahon Stunner

That first crowd-pleasing Stunner on Vince McMahon was a highlight of Raw's 22 September 1997 episode, and it was a launching point for the subsequent McMahon vs. Austin feud. As huge a moment as it was though, it might not have even happened had Vince not tussled with someone else first.

Oh yes, there was a (brief) precursor to the Austin saga, and it eventually ended in very-real turmoil between loyal wrestler and an announcer who was baring, for the first time, his real role behind the scenes as the WWF's figurehead. After that, nothing was the same. Again however, would McMahon have given up his role as a babyface announcer without the ripple effect of things happening elsewhere?

Maybe, but maybe not. Those "things happening elsewhere", just like Vince's emerging characterisation, changed everything.

Other moments can claim the same impact; they're not exclusive to McMahon's empire. Without them, WWE and the wrestling business as a whole might not be the way it is. Don't kid yourself here: the butterfly effect exists, and these decisions have remodelled wrestling around them...


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