10 Wrestling Returns That Would Improve WWE TV

Admit it: you'd pop big time for HBK's comeback...

dean ambrose jason jordan

Irrespective of your thoughts on last summer's revelation that he was Kurt Angle's kayfabe son, Jason Jordan is still a solid in-ring worker and he will improve WWE when he returns from injury shortly. The same could be said for Dean Ambrose, and it'd be awesome to see him tear up Raw as a borderline psychotic heel sometime soon.

Both those returns are assured. Others, not so much.

Eliminate pesky logic for a second, allowing the blissful ignorance of fantasy to wash over the wrestling world, and it's clear there are countless names who would make WWE a much better place if they laced up the boots and went to work on Raw or SmackDown.

Though true that WWE's creative team could use a firm boot up the arse lately, the roster they oversee is crammed with exciting workers. Those exciting workers deserve more challenging scenarios, thrilling matches and worthy opponents to bring the best out in them, and that's where fantasy comes in.

No, some of these returns aren't forthcoming (and others may never happen), but that doesn't mean they wouldn't enhance what we're seeing on both major brands currently.

Hey, a wrestling fan can dream, can't they?


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