10 Wrestling Storylines That Don't Get Enough Love

Ring Of Dishonour.


There is a certain, categorical category of classic wrestling storylines too objectively brilliant to dispute.

The union and subsequent explosion of the Mega Powers yielded a secondary draw temporarily on the level of its bigger star, a series of memorable headlining tag wars on television's biggest stage, and one of the best, most lucrative main events in the history of the company. The (initial) rise of the New World Order injected pro wrestling with sorely-needed realism and edge, subverting - and restoring - its megastar power.

In order to best WCW in the battle for ratings supremacy, the WWF needed something major to stem the tide. Austin Vs. McMahon was that: an hilarious and twisty tale built on a deeply relatable anti-authority premise, the programme drew an insane amount of revenue and delivered yards of entertainment and indelible memories. Any fan of that era can recall the exact sound of the bedpan ping with which Austin thwacked McMahon in that hospital bed. It was wrestling catharsis made audible. Seminal as those programmes were, it can be argued that the tapestry of pro wrestling is even richer.

Certain ****3/4 storylines surely deserve that extra quarter...


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