10 Wrestling Storylines That Killed A Character

Don't worry, most of them came back!


Nothing adds drama to a story like death.

Though the subject matter is a little grim, one can't deny the emotional impact of seeing a beloved or despised character killed off during a story. It works great in movies, TV, and theatre. But wrestling?

Professional wrestling is of course a work of fiction. The WWE features stories of conflict between good and evil characters that can only be resolved in the ring. That's where the fiction ends, though.

What separates wrestling from other forms of entertainment, is that it portrays itself as a competitive sport, rather than a scripted television programme. You would think that since wrestlers are portrayed as real people in the real world, that death would be exempt from the storylines. 

After all, these people can't just disappear from the world without consequences. And what with the real life deaths of beloved wrestlers like Owen Heart, Eddie Guerrero and the Ultimate Warrior, surely death would be a touchy subject for the fans. And yet, not only have many wrestlers died in the storylines, some have even been murdered! 

Yes, apparently this real sport with real people has seen people killed on-screen, and we the fans have been expected to believe it is real. So join us as we look back on ten instances where "Sports Entertainment" strayed too far into entertainment , and killed people for dramatic effect.

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