10 WWE Champions That Didn’t Fit Vince McMahon’s Mold

McMahon's mold can best be described as Jinder Mahal.


Although he’s never filled out a dating profile, wrestling fans know Vince McMahon’s type: tall, jacked, white and tall. Size definitely matters to the WWE chairman.

History virtually confirms McMahon’s predilection for massive athletes – WWE has often been referred to as the land of the giants – as he’s often showcased performers who may lack charisma or in-ring skills, but turn heads in an airport. At various times over the past 35 years, he has centered the company’s never-ending story on physically imposing specimens like Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Diesel, Undertaker, Batista and most recently, Brock Lesnar. As an admitted weight-room junkie, McMahon identifies more with bodybuilders than cruiserweights, believing the public will be as impressed with their stature as he is.

That’s why it’s fascinating when a smaller, fatter or more average-looking performer slides through the cracks. While they may not fit McMahon’s vision for what a WWE representative is supposed to resemble, they possess some intangible quality with which to connect with the crowd.

As wrestling media is increasingly flooded with autobiographies, shoot interviews and podcasts, fans are learning about the behind-the-scenes battles and real-life swerves that led to the boss anointing unlikely champions...

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