Back in the day, winning the world title was very difficult, title reigns were long, the list of men capable of doing the job that was required was short and breaking through the glass ceiling of popular mid carder to the champion of the world was often an insurmountable task. Gradually this changed, as audiences no longer had the attention span to follow a six year title reign and the brutal WWE travel schedule meant the chances of any man being able to hold onto the title for more than a couple of years highly unlikely.

So we find ourselves in an era where winning the big belt isn’t as difficult as it used to be and being world champion is an expectation rather than an aspiration for most popular wrestlers. As a result of these changing times where membership to the WWE title club is more open we see a number of individuals lifting the heavy gold who perhaps might not have done in times past and some who just make you scratch your head in bemusement or bury your head in your hands in despair. Ladies and gentlemen, here is our list of WWE champions that encouraged more facepalm moments than anyone else.

For the purposes of this article i will only be examining the history of the WWE title, I will leave the World Championship and its rich history of complete tools that have held that belt for another day.

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This article was first posted on February 3, 2013