10 WWE Champions Who Hated Their World Title Reigns

These WWE stars might have been Champions, but they hated it!

Diesel Kevin Nash

The goal of every professional wrestler is to become the top Champion in his respective company, as a major title run brings the money, the fame, and the more guaranteed spot on the top of the card.

Throughout WWE history, top names such as Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and many more have held the company's top prize, and while Champions established themselves as household names in the worlds of wrestling and entertainment.

But as much as being a Champion in WWE can be have a tremendous upside, numerous stars of WWE's past have admitted to battling personal and creative issues which cast a giant, dark cloud over their title reigns.

Inspired by recent comments made by current WWE star Kevin Owens, this piece will take a look at 10 WWE Champions who hated their World Title reigns, despite being top stars in the company and holding pro wrestling's ultimate prize.

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