10 WWE ECW Stars You Totally Don't Remember

Leave the memories alone.

Colin Delaney Ecw

Fans who have been watching WWE for more than a decade (they have our sympathies) would have been at least a little bit excited this week to see former ECW star Colin Delaney rock up on SmackDown.

He's not back permanently - at least not as far as we're aware (although a campaign similar to the one that helped win James Ellsworth a full-time deal last year is not totally out of the question) - but he did at least get to spend a few minutes getting beaten up by The Bludgeon Brothers.

While watching him get thrown around the ring like a rag-doll, memories of the then baby-faced rookie being pummelled by half the roster back in 2008 instantly came flooding back to us - along with a host of other forgotten WWE ECW stars who never quite managed to make Vince McMahon's grade.

Why didn't they enjoy more fruitful wrestling careers, though? What have they been doing since leaving the company?

And, the question that plagues us most: when will future Hall of Famer Braden Walker's three-disc "Best Of" DVD finally the shelves?

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