10 WWE Feuds Doomed From The Start

On your marks, get set... and it's all over.


After spending years of our lives watching professional wrestling, many of us have developed a special ability for sniffing out a WWE disaster long before the alarm is officially raised.

This skill isn't going to win us any Nobel Prizes, but it does mean that - at least some of the time - we can identify, pretty early on, which feuds are heading into the history books à la Stone Cold versus The Rock, and, conversely, which ones are going to crash and burn.

There are several warning signs to which one should pay close attention. If the fans start off booing the "wrong" guy, then you can be pretty sure that things aren't going to end well. Similarly, if there's no crowd reaction at all, it's probably not going to last the course.

In certain instances, you can probably figure out with the sound turned all the way down. You can just tell that the two wrestlers in question are not a good match, or worse still: that they are a good match but the storyline they've been given is crass or nonsensical.