10 WWE Gimmicks Changes That Failed Dismally

When a wrestler debuts in a new promotion, returns to old stomping grounds, or just when their old gimmick seems to have run its course, the creative minds in a wrestling promotion will come up with something new.

Everyone wants to have a gimmick that people remember them by. It€™s something that, if successful, they can come back to time and time again, as well as making a good wage on the independent scene after their WWE career comes to an end. Many WWE superstars will also make cameo appearances on Raw or on pay-per-views years after their prime.

But sometimes, the opposite of the desired effect happens. Sometimes, a gimmick is so bad that it€™s an albatross around the neck of the wrestler who portrayed it. Even if an entire decade has passed, fans have long memories. They can also be cruel. Often, they take great delight in reminding people of their previous failed gimmicks.

This article looks at 10 wrestlers whose careers were pretty much killed by a new gimmick that was thrust upon them. Some were reaching the twilight of their careers. Some tried but never recovered. And some just plain quit the wrestling business.


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