10 WWE Gimmicks Which Ripped Off Real People

'Chilly McFreeze' is such a bad name for a serial killer.

RVD Jean Claude Van Damme
WWE/Universal Pictures

Once over, WWE's superstars were billed as comic book heroes made flesh, larger than life characters who simply shouldn't be able to exist in reality. New recruits were scoured based on Vince McMahon's 'airport test' - anyone who turned heads browsing the luggage carousel could be counted on to sell tickets. The more unbelievable, the better.

You'd imagine then, in a world where undead morticians and interstellar warriors in day-glo tassels were par for the course, that the company would have no reason whatsoever to draw influence from the outside. WWE was a world unto itself - anything outside its auspices surely couldn't fit.

Except the real world has a habit of throwing up unimaginable characters of its own - ones even the wrestling business couldn't possibly devise. It's never been shy about stealing them though - why strain your brain coming up with sell-able ideas when they're already there in the literal public domain?

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