10 WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Inductions That Must Happen

The class of 2017 sure isn't short of talent.


Currently home to 147 of the biggest and brightest stars in the sport's history (and Snoop Dogg), the WWE Hall of Fame represents the ultimate professional wrestling accolade: induction is to be treated as an honour, and the acknowledgement of career well-spent by the biggest promotion in the business.

The lack clearly-defined entry criteria leads to much subjectivity and debate, but Hall of Fame induction is one of the sport's most prestigious accomplishments. From the very first inductee, Andre the Giant, to the class headed by Sting, Stan Hansen, and the Fabulous Freebirds in 2016, these are the men and women who changed the face of the industry.

Despite all this, there are countless wrestlers across the globe who are yet to receive the induction their careers deserve. The Hall of Fame is stuffed with WWE wrestlers and many who have never worked a day for the McMahon family in their lives, but there are dozens of glaring omissions ready to join them.

Some inductions are undeniable, but others are up for debate. Each year's class is subjected to widespread discussion as soon as the names are announced, and with 2017's ceremony taking place in Orlando on April 1st, we'll soon learn of the first few inductions. Until then, let's take a look at who should make their way into the hallowed halls this year.

Using the same categories that WWE themselves often utilise, here are 10 Hall of Fame 2017 inductions that must happen.


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