10 WWE Legends Who Tapped Out To Kurt Angle

He came up against the best of the best - and he made them all submit.


Few people have taken to the wrestling business as quickly as Kurt Angle. From Olympic glory he entered the WWE with some trepidation, believing it was beneath someone with his bonafides. He was soon turned around, however, when he grasped the art and graft of the pro game, and from there, he was unstoppable.

He won championship belts and the hearts of crowds wherever he went with his intensity, mic skills, humour, and in-ring ability. Most of all, though, he made people tap out. There can’t be many wrestlers who have forced more of their opponents to submit than Angle did, usually with his patented ankle lock. Pretty much the only wrestlers who never tapped to the Olympian were the ones who didn't wrestle him.

Over a 20 plus year run, Angle took on the great and the good alike, putting on quality contests with incredible consistency, often stealing the show and having the match of the night. He overcame personal demons, enjoyed a Hall Of Fame career, and seems like a pretty upstanding guy.

He’s Kurt Angle, and he will make you tap out.


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