10 WWE Matches Fans Couldn’t Give A Sh*t About After Watching A Classic




During the mid-1990s Shawn Michaels became known for spitting out those words as he confidently marched through curtains fuelled on post-match euphoria and whatever else he'd downed that day. He was ostensibly competing with the locker room - the intensely combative statement was for the benefit of just about anybody in earshot - but he knew in his heart very few of them had an inch of his talent.

He'd already labelled himself the 'Showstopper' shortly before augmenting it with a list of accolades to further propel himself beyond the chasing pack, to the point at which he was only really desperate to better his own best. He wasn't just hype, either - there were 'HBK' matches so sensational that even Michaels himself couldn't have followed them. Fortunately, his 'Main Event' tag eventually rang true, and nobody had to even try.

The cream had risen to the top, but WWE's rarely been a meritocracy and Vince McMahon hasn't held candles as tightly as the one he gripped hard for Shawn Michaels. The top performers aren't always on top, as Triple H and Randy Orton found out when they had to join Edge, John Cena and The Big Show in following the 'Boy Toy' and 'The Deadman's balls-out classic at WrestleMania 25.

'The Game' was a veteran of this sort of thing...


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