10 WWE Matches That Completely Exceeded Expectations

1. WeeLC (Extreme Rules 2014)


Crazy as it sounds, it’s difficult to think of a bout that over-delivered quite like pre-show match of Extreme Rules 2014, where Hornswoggle and El Torito faced off in TLC – or rather, WeeLC – action.

Even now, on paper, it sounds ridiculous: a tables, ladders and chairs match between a leprechaun and a bull. But that bizarreness meant that just about everyone entered this match expecting nothing special.

So, when the crowd started chanting “we want tables,” they were probably surprised when the guys well-and-truly answered that call by going on to break ten tables over the course of the match, including one specially-made miniature announce desk at ringside.

With Los Matadores and 3MB getting involved, we saw Heath Slater fall through four tables, Drew McIntyre go through one after an insane dive to the outside, while Diego, Fernando and Jinder Mahal took a tumble through a structure of tables, ladders and god knows what else. The action even got chants of “this is awesome” and “holy s**t.” When was the last time that happened on a pre-show?

What initially looked like a throwaway comedy match ended up being – well, it was still essentially a comedy match, just an unexpectedly enjoyable one that outperformed even the wildest expectations.

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