10 WWE Matches That Completely Fell Short Of Expectations

10. Dean Ambrose Vs. Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 32)


Following a build that had seen Mick Foley proffer Dean Ambrose his signature barbed wire bat, as well as Terry Funk gifting him an actual chainsaw, the street fight between Ambrose and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 was presumably going to be a belter.

Presumably being the operative word.

The match proved to be a thoroughly one-sided affair and a fairly tame one given the stipulation. Lesnar had beaten Ambrose silly in the lead up to the show and it was the same old story come the pay-per-view, while those weapons that Ambrose had been accumulating weren’t even put to good use.

Granted, he did retrieve them from underneath the ring, but that was as far as it went. Not that anyone’s saying he should’ve used a chainsaw on Lesnar, although it does make you wonder why they teased a weapon spot that was too dangerous to even go through with…

In the end, this was little more than a flurry of suplexes, kendo stick strikes and chair shots – so pretty much your average, run-of-the-mill street fight, and a bit of a let-down given its potential.


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