10 WWE Matches That Delivered On Their Massive Hype

"This is awesome."


Sunday's Traditional Men's Survivor Series Elimination Match did not deliver on its massive hype. They should have renamed it Satire Series: this match was the gravest fears of the most jaded pocket of the fanbase, manifested.

"They'll eliminate Shinsuke Nakamura first."

"Bobby Roode is only in there for comic relief."

"Everything will come down to Shane McMahon."

"Triple H will bury at least one member of Team SmackDown."

Shinsuke Nakamura was eliminated first, but he at least was treated with a degree of dignity; Bobby Roode was only in there for comic relief. He did his 'Glorious' pose, and that's about it. Shane McMahon outlasted his entire team - which included John Cena! - in order to portray him as a man of of immense intestinal fortitude. Triple H exhumed the shovel, and so clearly positioned himself as above everybody but Braun Strowman it was beyond parody - and he only protected Strowman to get a match out of him down the line. It was arguably worse than satire; nobody expected Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to run worse interference than Brutus Beefcake trying to talk down Randy Savage in 1989.

WWE's pay-per-view canon is littered with disappointments - and many of those involve Triple H, incidentally. That said, you cannot entirely loathe the man; he was responsible for something absolutely incredible just 24 hours earlier...


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