10 WWE Matches That Were Spoiled Before They Happened

Never in doubt...


We, the always-wrong wrestling media, make the point of keeping a hand in the predictions game no matter how often a bunch of relatively educated guesses are swept aside by Sports Entertainment surprises. Pro wrestling booking is supposed to shock and delight in equal measure, with twists a reasoned expectation on a regular basis in order to furnish matches and storylines with satisfying conclusions.

The game shouldn't be up before the bell rings.

There are cases where it's absolutely vital the company deliver what they're theoretically promising - Lars Sullivan can't be booked against Kalisto and lose, nor would anybody want to see it. The Undertaker scared Shawn Michaels straight in 1998 not just to make a point to 'The Heartbreak Kid', but for the future of the entire company. Triple H had to lose to Booker T at WrestleMania XIX after all that bigotry and-

Anyhow, regardless of how obvious a result may be, it doesn't mean the organisation shouldn't try to find a way to make it seem a faint possibility - it's a failure of the promotion if they don't. Amidst changes so profound that the company doesn't even look like the one it used to, one of WWE's key tenets remains in tact - promote. Promote potential. Promote possibility. Promote promise, if it's required. Don't, as with the matches below, promote frustrating inevitability and give away the ending before it's even begun...


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