10 WWE Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

WWE still owes us Sting vs. Undertaker.


What’s that saying about things you’re waiting for never actually happening? A watched pot is right twice a day? Or a bird in the hand never boils? You know the one I mean.

Anyway, your dad’s tin-pot pub philosophy to one side I’d find it hard to argue that the universe actually rewards your enthusiasm for anything. By and large if you really, really, really, really want something, it’ll conspire to make sure it never actually happens. This was true when the Spice Girls reformed this month and I couldn’t get tickets, and it's almost always true in WWE.

That's because, at its core, it's an organisation that genuinely seems to grow a big rubbery one over the idea of crushing the dreams of its audience. Deliberately or otherwise. Yes, sometimes plans do legitimately have to change but, more often than not, the company's constant desire to surprise its fans means it'll steer away from angles or matches if they believe we're expecting them.

Now that's not inherently a bad thing - after all if everything just went the way we expected it to the product would be boring - but it does come at the cost of some potentially epic moments of wrestling...

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