10 WWE Moments You Never Thought You'd See (But Did In 2017)

It was a shocking year in the world's biggest wrestling company.

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The word ‘never’ doesn’t really mean anything in a professional wrestling context.

The wacky world of sports entertainment is one in which anything is possible. We’ve seen a woman give birth to a hand, after all - not to mention the entire career of The Undertaker. If you’re truly surprised in pro wrestling, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

But there are definitely happenings that are truly unlikely, especially in WWE. As longtime fans of the promotion, we’ve been conditioned to expect certain things. The superhero will always win, someone will always turn heel, and the McMahons are always the most important characters.

2017 was a truly strange year in WWE, however. We saw an enhancement talent become a somewhat dominant champion, an Olympic hero return as part of justice-obsessed militia, and a man winning the first women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

There are some things we thought we’d never see in WWE, but then 2017 happened.

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