10 WWE Myths Fans Still Believe

Was the Hardcore belt actually the old WWF title?


Reddit isn't just a website for memes and pictures of cats.

It also facilitates insane conspiracy theories, toxic political discussion and, on a more serious note, perhaps the best wrestling forum anywhere on the internet.

r/SquaredCircle has become the place to go for frank WWE discussions - even John Cena himself was checking it out a few weeks back - and a recent thread about pervasive wrestling myths that just refuse to die has caught our attention.

Wrestling being what it is - a form of entertainment somewhere between the realms of fiction and reality which, for a long while, was the exclusive domain of spandex-wearing muscle-men who took blows to the head for a living - apocryphal tales and widely-held misnomers are something of an inevitability.

And as fans, we are often guilty of indulging them a little too much - particularly during those quiet mid-year months (i.e. right about now) when we are often left starved of genuinely great wrestling.

And it's kind of fun, for a little while anyway, but - like those cat pictures - it probably isn't very healthy in the long run.