10 WWE Plans Doomed From The Start

(Don't) Believe In The Shield - Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will only let you down...


The Super Show-Down main event between The Undertaker and Triple H divided the wrestling audience between those that loved and those that loathed.

Criticisms for the laboured work tackled praise for the nostalgic overtones, in a battle as closely fought as the match itself. It mattered not to the naysayers that for many this was one more chance to see heroes do what they once did best. It mattered even less to the satisfied customers how critics just couldn't bathe in the magic of the moment.

There were ways this match could have satisfied both sides too, which only makes the debate more frustrating. In an ideal world, WWE presents a product that uniformly entertains all fans rather than dividing them into defensive tribes. In reality, there is a rich history of ideas and concepts destined to fall flat.

Presenting a 'Last Time Ever' headliner between two men with a combined age of 102 (or four of 206, if cornermen Kane and Shawn Michaels are to be counted) was always likely to result in this sort of aggro. Some ideas had even less foundation than that - at least 'The Game' and 'The Deadman's storied past had its supporters/apologists (delete as appropriate) before the match took place.

These poor souls weren't as fortunate...


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