10 WWE Predictions We All Got Completely Wrong In 2017

1. Kenny Omega Will Sign For WWE


Following their 4 January WrestleKingdom classic, Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada were the most talked-about professional wrestlers in the world. At the time, Omega's future was uncertain, with many speculating if he would in fact walk away from New Japan and try his luck in WWE alongside recent arrivals AJ Styles, Finn Bálor and Shinsuke Nakamura.

He elected not to, but his decision to stay put proved shrewd in the months that followed.

Earning an ultra-rare six stars for that effort, Omega followed the contest with an even better sequel less than six months later. It was far sooner than most would have wanted, but dispelled worries in explosive fashion. As did match number three after the second ended in a draw. The two met in a G1 Climax semi-final, with the series landing on 1-1-1 after the pair wrestled to an exhilarating 60 minute draw in their second effort.

With debate over the actual length of his time remaining with NJPW, the speculation will undoubtedly mount yet again going into 2018, but his position has never looked so assured. The most complete pro wrestler in the world, the industry belongs to Omega. For him to suddenly belong to Vince McMahon may be a compromise too far.

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