10 WWE Predictions We All Got Completely Wrong In 2017

8. The Great Khali Will Return Full Time


By July's Battleground pay-per-view, Jinder Mahal's WWE Title run already felt two months too long, but a victory over Randy Orton in the 'dreaded' Pubjabi Prison was infinitely more plausible than it had been when originally snaring the strap.

Like their first encounter and every Mahal match henceforth, the contest was a big dull dud, comfortably the worst of the three battles contested in the bamboo double cage. Bastion of the best one, The Great Khali's expected return helped Jinder literally sneak away with his precious prize, but like all wonderful dreams (and Punjabi Nightmares), he was gone when we all woke up the next day.

A perfect 'heater' for Mahal had he stuck around alongside the new Champion and his crash test dummy comrades The Singh Brothers, Khali looked to be the missing piece of the Jinder puzzle in recreating the broadly successful John Bradshaw Layfield push of 2004. JBL had his 'Cabinet', but Mahal's cupboard was bare again when Khali disappeared.

In truth, perhaps nothing would have saved a dire year for Jinder. His joke reign represented a catalogue of woeful matches propped up by equally inferior angles. Khali's shoulders are only so broad.


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