10 WWE Questions That Remain Unanswered

Continuity is hard.

kane mask

Mystery angles have been part of professional wrestling since the dawn of time, but they only really work if you actually bother to follow through with them and make the reveal.

And since creative writers are reliant on their ideas being received well by the audience (and the arbiters of good taste) - not to mention inherently unreliable employees executing them well - it is not unheard of for a storyline to be dropped before it ever reaches its climax.

Plus: if you run a TV show for thirty-plus years, continuity errors and issues with internal universe logic are almost bound to crop up every now and then - it's just that wrestling fans, being stubborn, refuse to forget about them.

All of that means there are one or two WWE questions we're still waiting for the answer to.

The identity of the man or woman behind the Attitude Era's hidden-camera "GTV" segments is not among them, however. WWE finally let the cat out of the bag in a myth-buster video uploaded to their own YouTube channel, wherein Vince Russo revealed who he had in mind: Tom Green (naturally).

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