10 WWE Quick Fixes To Save Finn Bálor

Leather Jacket Love Song.

Finn Balor

Despatching old clichés about size and dispelling worries about his NXT transition, Finn Bálor had a dream start to life on the main roster after his drafting to Monday Night Raw following the redivision of labour in July 2016.

A consummate professional in the ring and a robust and dynamic thinker outside of it, Finn offered a full superstar suite on entry, and was rewarded with a sterling first month on the red brand and dramatic Universal Title win over Seth Rollins at August's SummerSlam pay-per-view. An injury that night ended up shelving him for several months, and it seems to have been forgotten just how much he can offer the product since his return.

Either as 'The Demon King' or merely himself, Bálor knows exactly how to get himself over. Even in the typically all-over-the-shop programme he's currently trapped in with Bray Wyatt, the popping of his collar mid-way through an in-ring scuffle was an inspired and nuanced touch, reminding fans the regular version of him was both cool and dangerous in equal measures with the demonic painted force yet to re-emerge. It will probably shift a fair few of his 'Bálor Club' leather jackers from WWEshop.com too.

There's not a single thing holding Finn back, other than, frustratingly, the organisation currently holding him back. The variance in his character is such, that a host of options exist to return him to topline status, and could all be rapidly unleashed to recover his current malaise.

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