10 WWE Returns That Came Out Of Nowhere

9. Hornswoggle


In a development as sudden and inexplicable as it was morbidly hilarious, Hornswoggle returned to WWE at the controversial Greatest Royal Rumble event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Now, we're sure this wasn't the intention - Vince McMahon just likes little people because they are funny - but, if we were to take a resistant reading, this was some rib. To much PR furore, the women's roster of WWE were not permitted to perform on the show for...we'll just use the euphemistic "cultural reasons", since this is the press, and we don't wish to swim in choppy waters. The whirlwind ass-kicker Asuka, incredible natural athlete Charlotte, even the demure Bayley - none of these women appeared at the event, because, to the home nation, they were considered inferior to the men. They are not athletes.

But Hornswoggle, a diminutive comedy character who would get annihilated if this were actually real? That's acceptable. Make sure he's on the first flight, and first class, he's that f*cking important.

Hornswoggle also made a low-key problematic appearance during the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble match, wherein he chased Zelina Vega around the ring with a disturbing, horn-dog expression.

Now, WWE didn't reveal what happened to Vega as she vanished backstage...but we understood the implication.

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