10 WWE Returns We Can Expect For 2018

As the old saying goes, nobody can miss you unless you go away for a while.


There's nothing more exciting in wrestling than a shocking return out of nowhere. When that star happens to be a much-loved icon of the industry that hasn't been around for a while, the moment is all the more emphatic: from Bret Hart's cathartic homecoming in 2010 to Kurt Angle's reemergence earlier this year.

But it's not just long-gone superstars of yesteryear that can light up a building with the very first step out of the curtain; an eagerly awaited recovery from injury can be just the ticket when it comes to reigniting fan interest and shaking up stale feuds. Whether it's Triple H's triumphant return at Royal Rumble 2002 or the almighty 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin himself at Backlash 2000, a welcome reappearance after an unplanned lay-off can create a moment that will live on for decades.

Luckily for WWE fans, 2018 could well be full of both and the potential returns on the horizon boast a healthy mix of long-gone superstars with resurfacing talent who are medically cleared to pick up where they left off. Regardless of which category they fall in to, each one would make a big impact if/when they eventually make it back to a WWE ring.

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