10 WWE Romances You Totally Don't Remember

Lost Loves.


For all the changes in professional wrestling, one constant still remains. It's an old adage from the territorial era of professional wrestling that was repurposed in the Attitude Era reframed for today, albeit under a promoter's breath - book a babyface the "men want to be like and the women want to f*ck."

Jim Cornette tries (and often fails) to mesh his progressive politics with marginally regressive takes on professional wrestling, but he's honest enough to give that appraisal of how things were done when he still worked frequently for promotions both major and minor. WWE flipped the script for Sable as she performed her trademark "grind" - "this is for the women who want to be me and the men who come to see me" was the line she delivered with the best heel snark she could manage - with love (well, sex, but ostensibly love) sold as a potential payoff for the investment in the persona.

It makes sense that the industry would channel such a strong emotion. Investment from the heart can lead to an even bigger one from the wallet and may explain why Vince McMahon booked his former rival Eric Bischoff to neck on with both his wife and his daughter. It's subsequently all the odder then, when such a story fails to resonate with the audience at large...


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