10 WWE Romances You Totally Don't Remember

10. Trish Stratus & Carlito


Binned off because Trish Stratus elected to call time on her entire career, the brief dalliance between midcarder-for-life and the greatest pre-Evolution women's wrestler in company history was exactly what it transparently appeared to be - a last roll of the dice to get Carlito over.

Stratus was a megastar when the apple-spitting star sidled up next to her, and their short mixed feud with Edge and Lita fed into Stratus' farewell rivalry and elevated him in the process.

Ultimately, her exit resulted in the company running out of time before they could book a passable conclusion, with Carlito left floundering on his own against the main eventers he'd briefly brushed up against during the run.

On the night Stratus retired as Women's Champion at Unforgiven 2006, Carlito narrowly lost to Randy Orton in the semi-main event. It was just about the closest he ever got to that slot on the card ever again.


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