10 WWE Roster Trades That Must Happen In 2018

9. Seth Rollins To SmackDown


It's all mere speculation at the moment, but if Dean Ambrose double-crosses his Shield brethren to set up a WrestleMania meeting with Seth Rollins, you fancy the Lunatic Fringe will be the man to come out on top.

Not only would this vindicate his decision to go rogue - and therefore help his character gather some extra momentum - it would also clear the path for a run at Roman Reigns, who should himself be carrying the Universal Title around this time.

Seth, if he sticks around, would just be a third wheel. Moving him to SmackDown would allow his two fellow Hounds of Justice go go about their feud uninterrupted, and for the Architect himself, it could breathe some new life into his career.

Feuds and matches with the likes of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are the stuff of wrestling fans' dreams, and with the ability to place both face and heel it would give the writers on Tuesday nights more options when it comes to the main event scene, which seems awfully thin on the ground at present.

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