10 WWE Roster Trades That Must Happen In 2018

It's time to shake things up again.


The annual WWE Draft is one of the great touchstones of the annual wrestling calendar.

Or: used to be, anyway. As of last year, it's known as the Superstar Shake-Up for reasons that are still to make themselves clear (maybe it's supposed to really drive home the idea that WWE wrestlers are, in fact, superstars as opposed to mere wrestlers).

Since Vince McMahon makes the rules up as he goes along - well, he is the Father Christmas of the squared circle, after all - it's not like he really needs to wait until April or May to start playing musical chairs with his roster.

Trades could happen at just about any time of the year, to the extent that it wouldn't surprise many if Jinder Mahal popped up on Raw next Monday to reissue his doomed challenge to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

We're focusing, however, on the roster moves that are likely to happen next year, whether it be down-on-their-luck Raw stars seeking their fortune on Tuesdays, SmackDown stalwarts making the step up to the A-show or, perhaps most excitingly, NXT grads moving up to the main roster.

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