10 WWE Sex Scenes You Won't Believe Happened

The times Vince McMahon booked Hollywood style sex scenes.


The WWE Diva product of the late 90's and early 2000's was all about sex appeal. If a woman could wrestle, that was great, but what really counted to WWE werelooks. That's why you had so many of the female roster getting boob jobs, everyone from Lita to Trish Stratus attempted to 'sex' it up. Itwas the most sure-fire way to make a career for yourself, the best way to give yourself a chance of being featured in angles.

And what exactly would the diva angles of the period comprise? Hotness. Lots and lots of hotness.

Vince McMahon's imagination was running wild with ideas for hotel trysts and threesomes. The angles he booked over the years were almost as if he fancied himself as some sort of erotic movie director. The WWE really did try to book their women into sex scenes - sometimes with other women!

The PG Era has put an end to this sort of television, but that doesn't necessarily mean the sexy angles of the past were a bad thing. You'll get some people complaining about lack of political correctness, butthen they don't bat an eyelid whenGame Of Thrones or any other TV show features sex.

At the end of the day, WWE owes it to their audience to offer television of interest.Sexy women have been utilised to 'draw' viewers in wrestling for generations. Particularly in the Attitude Era, WWE's prime audience were18 to 35 year old males. The company weresimply doing their job, pleasing their viewers.

Divas in sex scenes had little to with wrestling you might say, but actually, these angles gave the girls way more storyline relevancy than they get today.

On the flip side of that argument, Vince McMahon eventually made the decision that sex sells only so much. As a company, the WWE decided that a family friendly product would attract more advertisers. After all, Miller Lite might be marketable alongside adult themes, but the coca cola's of this world are wanting to be represented alongside a more wholesome image. That notion eventually killed off the era of sex in WWE.

Let's remember the good old days, 10 times WWE tried to book a sex scene.

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