10 WWE Stars In Vince McMahon's Doghouse Right Now

Bark, bite, it's all bad news...


In times past, a WWE independent contractor once had to commit an actual transgression to enter the fabled "doghouse" of Vince McMahon.

Dan Severn effectively put an end to his his mainstream wrestling career when, in 1998, he hinted that Ken Shamrock and virtually the entire WWF roster was juiced to the gills, with the bumbling obliviousness of Art Donovan. Mickie James performed a "V-lick" gesture at WrestleMania 22 that Vince McMahon deemed lewd and offensive while, in parallel, green-lighting angles ripe with rape connotations. Where the Acolytes saw fit to welcome the Public Enemy into the WWF by caving their faces in, Saturn was punished with a less wooden love interest than Claire Lynch for beating the p*ss out of a jobber at a Metal taping.

It was a different world.

In modern times, his acts are too sh*t-scared to speak up for themselves. Mission accomplished! A quiet roster too compliant to cause him headaches. Except, it is this weak, "millennial" mentality that causes McMahon to lash out at them, citing a lack of ambition. He also punishes ambition. It's almost as if there is no pleasing the man.

When he treats even his beloved Big Dog as a loser, it's little wonder that many of his peers find themselves in a small house at the bottom of his yard...

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