10 WWE Stars Loved For The Wrong Match

More Than This.


The grim irony of wrestling is that the gladiators who sacrifice their bodies for our entertainment often do so in vain. The schedule is unforgiving. These men and women grind their bones to dust and their ligaments to jelly for so long, and so often, that it must at times feel as pointless as it does painful.

Searching for any WWE performer in the Cagematch database makes for a sobering read. While we criticise Dolph Ziggler for having the audacity to feature in an upcoming pay-per-view match incongruous to his role in the storylines, his brutal schedule demands a four-match-per-week output with draining, intensive travel - from his own pocket - required to get him from California to Arizona. Sleep is a luxury, rest even more so. Wrestlers do it for the money and the adulation. That adulation is in short supply; there is always a better match, a more deserving performer. And, since the constant episodic nature of pro wrestling is long-form and therefore forgettable, we instead distil this often unseen body of work into "moments" - as if a career spanning multiple years and countless matches is defined by one shorthand frame of reference. It is, which is the shame of it.

This is a celebration of the art beyond the "moment"...


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