10 WWE Stars Who Can’t Be Happy Right Now

That SmackDown GM role can't be satisfying to one of the world's best wrestlers...

Lana WWE

Cast your mind back to when WWE pressed the reset button on Lana and Rusev in time for the brand split last summer. On the 'new' Raw, both were made to look like major stars and entered into a feud with Roman Reigns. So much for that. One year on and both are really struggling to find their feet on SmackDown.

This must be super annoying for Lana. WWE's creative team just won't let her do what she's good at. As a heel spokesperson for Rusev, she's in her element, but the writers seemingly believe splitting the pair is much better. It isn't, because both are lost without the other. Just leave things how they should be, WWE!

All this tampering has to be depressing for Lana and her man. On SmackDown, they are lost in the shuffle (one toiling amidst better in-ring female talent and the other doing little of note as borderline enhancement fodder on the male side of things).

They're not the only ones who must be unhappy either...

10. Emma

Emma WWE

Remember when Emma was supposed to transform into 'Emmalina' and become a focal point of the Raw brand? That didn't last long; Emmalina did debut, only to claim the character was rubbish and return to her sunglasses-wearing, sneering ways. The entire exercise was pointless, and Emma must be wondering where she stands.

Another defeat to Sasha Banks on this past Monday's episode of Raw should let her know. Emma is cannon fodder in the brand's women's division and going nowhere fast. For somebody who was afforded the vignette treatment and hyped for months without pay off, this has to be a complete let down. There's no sign things will get better either.

She is part of a Fatal-4-Way for the Raw Women's Title at No Mercy, but there's no realistic chance Emma will walk out with the belt. Of all the women involved, Emma is actually the least likely. Watching others like Alexa Bliss become champion while she struggles to make a splash must be disheartening.

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