10 WWE Stars Who Have Had The Worst 2018

10. Paige

Paige Raw Retirement

To some, Paige may seem like an odd starting point. She has an easy gig as SmackDown GM for starters, and she's set to be the star subject of a (partly) WWE-produced film about her life that will be released early next year. Paige is going nowhere then, so why the negativity?

2018 was an emotionally fraught year for the 26-year old, one that brought the curtain down on her in-ring career.

For the first time since she burst onto the scene as a rock-chick with some serious swagger, Paige looked vulnerable and broken as she announced her retirement on the Raw after WrestleMania 34. Those tears were genuine, and that same sadness must have revisited her when WWE produced their first ever all-female pay-per-view in October.

At Evolution, Paige had to watch her peers create history without her. This was the second part of a brutal one-two punch combo that can't have been easy to take. In her mid-20s, she should've been in there having the matches of her life.

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