10 WWE Stars With Laughably Bad Music Careers



If you are expecting to see Michael 'PS' Hayes' 'Freebird Road' make an appearance on this list, then you are sadly mistaken.

The 'PS' might stand for 'Piece of Sh*t', but godd*mnit, the man sure can pen a country ballad that is at once gloriously corny and genuinely quite moving. The song starts as it means to go on with no less than three simultaneous opening arrangements designed to punish the heartstrings with the ol' southpaw suckerpunch: moaning saxophone, tinkling ivories, and lilting, mournful acoustic guitar. The more retrained musician usually employs just the one in order to convey that we we're about to get moved, not rocked. Not Hayes.

Definitely not Hayes.

The subsequent crooning harmonies convey both the seriousness of and affection towards the subject matter, as, in parallel, the heavenly gospel backing vocals reassure a pained Hayes that his fallen brother, Terry Gordy, is wrestling a handicap match with the Von Erichs up in the sky. Bittersweet mourning gives way to pure, c*ck-out, foot-on-the-amp celebration as it all comes crashing down with a "dun-dun" drum fill, power chords and a squalling guitar solo that, like Gordy's legacy, goes on forever.

Hayes can't lay out a Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar match to save his life, but he is no disgrace to the popular music arena.


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