10 WWE Stories Everybody Got Wrong In 2017

1. Hulk Hogan's 'Expected' Return


The 'story': Rumourmania about Hulk Hogan's 'inevitable' return to WWE has been running wild almost since the day his contract was terminated back in July 2015. The more days that pass without the red and yellow rocking back up in Stamford, the more it's assumed that time alone will be enough to forgive Hogan of his sins. Barely a month has gone by without a fresh round of 'Is Hogan about make WWE comeback?', and each and every time, it seems closer than ever.

The reality: He still ain't back, brother. Seems plenty of people are rushing to give out second-chances when it comes to a childhood hero whose reputation we desperately wish wasn't tarnished, but a billion-dollar multi-national corporation aren't quite so hasty. Even one with morals as variable as WWE's.

Whilst no-one should be beyond forgiveness, that doesn't change the fact that a media-facing public company would be foolish to sully their brand through his association.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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