10 WWE Storylines From 2017 That Will Never Be Resolved

1. Stephanie McMahon Vs. Mick Foley


Stephanie McMahon spent months, and months, belittling Mick Foley for his apparent mismanagement of RAW.

Foley accused Steph of conspiring with Triple H to wrest the Universal Title away from Seth Rollins in the summer of 2016. Nothing came of this, aside from the subsequent months of boring passive aggressive bickering, the sort of mundane sh*te from which wrestling should act as an escape - but Steph couldn't take that sitting down, even months later. She had the following to say on the February 27, 2017 RAW:

"Every year, Triple H seems to get stronger and stronger while you Mick, you do the opposite. You just seem to get weaker. I mean, I don't think I calculated just how far you have fallen from grace into the abyss of despair and misery. You're a shell of yourself, Mick. You just get more feeble and more pathetic."

It was par for the course of counterproductive castration the Stephanie McMahon character has embarked upon since 2013 - and a month later, Foley took his balls and went home. Steph fired him as RAW General Manager, and after a token mandible claw - just to create the illusion that this wasn't a rampant ego trip - Steph struck him with a low blow. Why he sold it, having long since given up his sac, is anybody's guess.

There was no resolution to any of this, in the traditional sense - no catharsis for the audience, no stakes-laced blowoff. Foley simply left, after months of tedious tension failed to materialise into a genuine, marketed ending worth shelling out for.

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