10 WWE Storylines We'd Like To See In 2019

The Man Vs. The Princess.


WWE prides itself on its storytelling.

This is precisely what the company boasts about to differentiate itself from other, tinier, spottier wrasslin' companies. Stephanie McMahon, single-handedly proving that expensive private education is as cheap as the heat she generates, likes to compare WWE's creative output to the works of William Shakespeare, when in fact, it is the opposite. The works of Shakespeare are seminal, enduring classics, where much of RAW is disposable trash. The works of Shakespeare introduced lasting phrases, eternally perfect, into the English language. Vince McMahon removes words, like "fans", "belt" and, Christ almighty, "wrestling" because he is an apesh*t, apesh*t man.

WWE...isn't Shakespeare, unless Vince and Kevin Dunn occupy the roles of the titular Titus Andronicus, and Tamora, taking it in turns to brutally murder the performers of the main roster.

People enjoy fantasy booking because the reality is often far more grim than any of the mutilations found in said play. If you're not into this sort of thing, feel free to go full Gloucester in King Lear, and have your eyeballs ripped directly out of the socket.

Or just not read it. One of the two.


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