10 WWE Superstars In Vince McMahon’s Doghouse Right Now

10. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was rumoured to have heat this past summer, after speaking out and declaring himself fit to return. Since then, he has continued to tell the world that his own doctors have cleared him, and as recently as this week was repeating his health claims. Vince McMahon can't be happy. Bryan's words have cast doubt on WWE's own medical testing, which shows he isn't able to return. Something else that upset WWE, was Bryan's criticism of WWE merchandise. He told a crowd at Wizard World in August that they should make their own merchandise, rather than spending huge money on expensive WWE T-shirts. He went as far to say that he'd love it if fans did that. It is like he just doesn't give a damn any more, he's going to speak his mind, and that's something Vince McMahon loathes in his superstars. If you don't tow the WWE line, you're going in the doghouse!
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