10 WWE Superstars In Vince McMahon’s Doghouse Right Now

9. Paige

Paige was on a bit of a push with WWE just a few weeks ago, having turned heel and cut a cheap pipe bomb promo. But out of nowhere, on the October 5th Raw, she tapped out clean to Natalya. Not only was it a loss, it was clean submission loss -which is the standard booking tactic for sending a message to a wrestler who needs taking down a few notches. Rumours started circulating that the loss was because Paige had heat over her use of "f***" in a Facebook video, but apparently that wasn't the case. The latest word is that she's still very much part of big plans going forward. But there can be no doubt that she had some heat over something, a wrestler just doesn't suddenly lose by clean tap out for no reason.
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