10 WWE Superstars Set For A Big Push Following WrestleMania 34

Get ready for a reshuffle.


With WrestleMania 34 finally in the rear-view, it's time for WWE to conduct their annual hard reset.

Fresh starts are on the horizon for all. The weeks following the year's biggest show always necessitate a major reshuffle, and with the Superstar Shake-Up set to commence on tonight's Raw and multiple NXT stars joining the main roster last week, the wheels are already in motion.

Several wrestlers have dropped out of the spotlight, but this is essential. There are only so many seats at the top table, and in order for new wrestlers to be pushed, others must be cycled down the card. Fortunately, WWE's bloated roster is brimming with candidates for elevation.

Much of this spawns from what went down at 'Mania. The Show Of Shows effectively acts as WWE's annual season finale, and after what went down in New Orleans on 8 April (as well as the fallout episodes of Raw and SmackDown), we already have a strong idea of who they'll be pushing up the card over the coming weeks and months.

Some of the stars within will slide back down the ladder by year's end, but each will shine in the interim...

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